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Introduction of The Sportz Editor, a youtube channel

Welcome to My Blog

Hello, My name is Abby Schaetzlein and I am a sports video editor, photography and graphic designer based in the Chicagoland area. I make a variety of edits like hype videos, highlights from games and specific player edits. I mostly enjoy watching and editing hockey but I'm trying to expand my portfolio by editing other sports. I've had experiences with the Joliet Slammers, Northern Illinois University's hockey team, and the Chicago steel. I have been make youtube video edits since 2016 and have been making video edits since 2015. My passion for this field has grown over the years.

a girl in a hockey jersey at a hockey game in the united center

Some of my favorite teams mostly include Chicago sports teams like the blackhawks, cubs, bulls, bears but the other hockey teams I like are the Calgary Flames and the Vegas Golden Knights.


Some examples from my Youtube channel


Thanks for reading and if you have any comments please feel free to email me at

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